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Beskrywing van hidrouliese toebehore-standaarde II

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Japan's standard

In Japan, there are two types of pipetoebehore Algemeen gebruik

(1) AlmalKomatsu units use fittings with a 30°taper seat and metric fine thread. All flanges are type 61 or 62 (except -10*). (2) Most other Japanese equipment uses fittings with 30°taper seat and British standard straight thread, commonly known as JIS(Japanese industrial standard) fittings. These fittings are not interchangeable with inch fittings because their cones are in opposite directions. All flanges are type 61 or 62 (except -10*).


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Japannees 30°taper Angle straight thread

Description: Japanese 30°taper Angle external thread joint can only be matched with Japanese 30°taper Angle internal thread. Both internal and external threads are straight threads with 30°taper seat. The seal is formed at the 30°cone seat. The threads on 30°taper Angle joints made in Japan conform to JIS B 0202 standard and are the same as BSPP threads. Both the British and Japanese toebehore het 'n 30°cone seat, but they are not interchangeable because the British cone seat is opposite to the Japanese cone seat.

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Japannees 30°taper pipe threads

Description: Japanese taper pipetoebehore and BSPT(taper thread)toebehore are exactly the same, and completely interchangeable. The Japanesetoebehore does not have a 30°taper Angle, so it cannot be fitted with BSPP internal threads. This thread conforms to JIS B 0203 standard and is the same as BSPT thread. The seal of the Japanese taper pipe threadedtoebehore is formed at the thread.

 Loose 30°taper straight thread

Description: Komatsu type 30°conical Angle straight thread joint and Japan 30°conical Angle straight threadtoebehore except for the difference in thread, other aspects are completely the same. Small loosetoebehore adopt metric fine thread, which conforms to JIS B 0207 standard. The loosetoebehore is sealed at its 30°cone Angle.

Loose flangetoebehore

Note: Loose flangeslang toebehore is similar to SAE 61 flange joint and is completely interchangeable. The o-ring sizes of various flanges are different. When replacing loose flanges with SAE-shaped flanges, always use SAE-shaped O-rings.